Monday, May 02, 2005

Ultrachrist: Get Ready for a Whole New Christ

In the movie "Ultrachrist" by Leisure Suit Media, Jesus Christ returns to the modern-day streets of New York City. Upon realizing he's completely out of touch with a reality, Christ seeks to learn the new culture and minister in a new way--a superhero kind of way. Ultrachrist, complete with Spandex outfit, cape and theme song, fights sin where he sees it. His father does not approve and wishes Christ would minister like he did back in the old days.

Christ picks up a couple of new friends in NYC. His soon-to-become-more-than-a-friend Molly helps him adjust to modern life and make the transformation into Ultrachrist. She also helps him find an apartment with two lesbians whose life style he approves. The trailer shows just how out of touch Jesus really is. He is also appalled to find many things out and even says, "The crucifix is the symbol of Christianity? I hated the crucifix. Ouch!"

During the course of the film, Christ battles the Antichrist who is disguised as the Park's Commissioner. He confronts a crotch-grabbing dominatrix. He even sings and dances; one song being the Pro-sex Savior song. "Ultrachrist" is availiable on DVD.

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