Monday, May 02, 2005

Jesus of the Week is a website that collects and showcases different representations of Jesus. "Disciples" (anyone who visits or submits to the site) submit different Jesus depictions for the site to feature. Every week a new "Jesus" appears on the home page, and a new "Jesus of the Moment" appears in the sidebar every time you refresh the page.

Among the sites features are Doormat Jesus which is a picture of Jesus on a doormat so you can whip your feet on him when you enter or exit the house. Christy the Snowman is a snowman version of the nativity scene.

Many of the featured representations of Jesus are actually meant to be serious images of Christ. This site however, finds the absurdities in each or mocks the image to no end.

The Testimonial section of the page shows email from various point of one. A few are condemning remarks like "you are sick and promoting filth on the Internet." but one is from a pastor who says, "Your Web site rocks! I'm a pastor and I occasionally slip in Jesus images to my sermon. The congregation definitely loves it. Keep up the good work! Any plans for a book?"

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