Saturday, February 19, 2005

Behold the Power of Cheesus

Cheesus Industries, "International distributor of premium quality, religious-themed cheese sculptures," brings you Cheesus. Cheesus is a cheddar cheese replication of Jesus. Cheesus's website bares the slogan "I don't care if the whole word freezes, as long as I've got my Cheddar Cheesus." (TM) Cheesus is not available yet, but, according to the site, he will be "available soon at a select specialty store near you." Cheesus even has a celebrity spokesperson, Richard Cheese. Cheese is a parody lounge singer with such CD's as "I'd like a virgin" and "Tuxicity." Other forthcoming products include Swiss-Cheesus ("It's the hole-iest"), Port Wine Cheese, and Gouda Buddha. While there seems to be little reality to Cheesus, I couldn't ignore a cheese image of Jesus.

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